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What is everyone saying?

I just got it today and I’ve used it already and I must say it feels great. I’m in love with the product, nice and tight feels great, love the weight of it and detail on it as well.
Rafael Stokes
Absolutely love this! It’s perfect, hits the spot every time! And the suction cup end has never been a issue, it stays in place everytime. It has a firm grip haha
Chelsea Turner
This product is very good. It does what it needs to do. When finished using it, it's very easy to clean out. Some simple soap and water does the trick. After that just dry it off with a towel and the drying stick.
Jacqueline Mueller
I cannot recommend this toy enough, it feels amazing to use with a ton of settings and features that just make it a complete joy to play with. The quality of the silicone is so smooth and there are no air gaps at all in the wrapping. I’ve been using this toy a lot lately and it’s so easy to clean, I just run it down with warm water and some bar soap after every use and it’s as good as new every time.
Olive Borer
When I first received this toy and turned it on, I got very curious and excited about what it could do. And it does it! It has different pulsing and thrusting modes, and you have to try it to see which one you prefer. Higher and faster modes can be a little aggressive for some people. In my case, I felt like the slower pulses and thrusting were more pleasurable and perfect for me. Honestly, this toy is really fun and gets the job done!
Priscilla Jacobson
100% satisfied with this toy. Very quick shipping and discreet packaging. Once out of the box you can tell it’s made of high quality and durable materials. It’s also very detailed and looks exactly like the pictures. This will definitely get the job done and leave you feeling great! Would definitely recommend!!
Joseph Reinger


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