Adult products are becoming a consumer trend, are modern ‘preferences’ abnormal? The truth from those who have been there

Eating and love are both in the nature of people. Food is about satisfying the need to “eat”. Love is about satisfying people’s need for the opposite sex.

In terms of Maslow’s five needs, eating and reproduction are the lowest level of needs. In other words, the only way we can achieve basic physical and mental satisfaction is to be completely satisfied with “food and sex”. In this way, we can develop a higher spiritual realm.

But do we still pursue “lower” level desires today? There is no doubt that, as long as we are human, we will pursue lower level desires, it is human nature to do so.

While society is gradually developing and material standards are improving greatly, our spirituality is still at the same place, affected by the fast pace of life.

Under the influence of this fast-paced life, people begin to doubt love, the opposite sex and all relationships. In the end, more people choose to be single and fewer people choose to fall in love and get married.

What are the consequences of this increase in the number of singles and decrease in the number of marriages? One of the most immediate consequences is that the number of adult products being consumed is increasing dramatically, especially the ‘single-use’ adult products, which are widely sought after on major e-commerce platforms.

Is this modern preference normal or not? It’s worth thinking about.

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