Do you know how important erotic products are to girls?

  1. Classification of erotic products
    Erotic products are divided into (1) clothing: erotic lingerie, stockings, hairpieces, etc. (2) toys: male (posterior stimulation), female (clitoral stimulation, vibrators), toys are now a wide range of products, not only wireless control wired control there are many high-tech products such as voice control, mobile phone APP control, etc. (3) Pleasure-enhancing lubrication products, massage oils, etc. (4) SM sadomasochism related products. (5) Foreign instructional technique books.
  2. Erotic with functional applications
    (1) Clothing and apparel can increase interest, regulate the atmosphere, highlight the female sex points, stimulate sexual desire such as revealing dresses, stockings, etc.. There are also animal ears and tails that are playful and sexy.
    In fact, it’s the best erotic item to invest in! A woman who was a first-time buyer of erotic lingerie complained about her husband’s change of heart when he fell in love with a woman in a concert hall. We get counselling all the time and hear this kind of thing all the time, but why are there still so many women who are only willing to change when their husbands change their mind? Men are ‘visually oriented’ creatures and it’s not just men who are pleased by women wearing erotic lingerie, but women are just as likely to enjoy sex when the lingerie creates an erotic atmosphere in an interactive situation. If you are too embarrassed to buy sexy lingerie in a shop, then you can choose to shop online. Online erotic shops have a wide range of products, but some exaggerated styles make people’s cheeks burn, and there is everything for women and men.
    (2) Toy products include vibrators such as jumping eggs, the simplest electric principle, which makes a small ball-shaped object vibrate, and may not be entertaining if it’s just in the air, but if it’s in the clitoris or vagina, it can still be manipulated at will. It is a great companion for clitoral stimulation, vibrating far more frequently than a finger or tongue, and provides a level of pleasure that no man can give.
    It can be used by women for masturbation or by men for female stimulation, and it looks just like a real sex organ, but is much more beautiful and versatile. Due to the material, it is also available in a variety of colours and sizes, so you can buy and use it as you see fit. Just looking at the realistic image makes you blush, so it certainly doesn’t look bad when you use it.
    The male ring (condom) gives multiple stimulation to the woman and longer pleasure to the man by adding an erect soft spike to the condom-like masturbator to make it easier for the woman to have fun. It can stimulate women’s sensitive areas and increase sexual interest, while extending men’s pleasure time, and this small ring (condom), and attractive pearlescent colour, pink, white, blue, purple, yellow, green, like a toy to make you love it!
    (3) Lubrication products are not only needed by partners with sexual difficulties, boring the same old feeling, hot or cool pleasure-enhancing lubricant is a good choice.
    (4) S (Sadism Sexual Abuse), M (Masochism Abused), as the name suggests, are props used in sexually abusive situations. These are leather underwear, imitation leather whips, handcuffs, low temperature candles, nipple clasps, etc. For safety reasons, most erotic shops sell visual SM props that are realistic in appearance but not “powerful”. Although most people are turned off by these things, there are still a few who enjoy them, but in erotic shops they are a smaller category than the popular condoms and vibrators, but they sell very well during the big festivals in the West.
    When it comes to SM, people who are unfamiliar with it sound resistant at first, because many SM scenes in films and TV shows are exaggeratedly violent and repulsive, while we usually accept that slapping and bondage are mild SM, which is actually not that disgusting.
  3. Attitudes towards erotic objects
    Sex shouldn’t just be about physical combat. Many people respond to a reduced desire for a partner, and I always suggest that they use more erotic products, as new gadgets always make us look forward to life. Feel a different kind of excitement. Conventional wisdom always suggests that if a partner asks for a toy, it makes us feel inferior that we are making that choice because we can’t satisfy the other person. Some may even think that the partner is a pervert for playing with such things. In reality, erotic toys are just toys that serve as an aid and enhance our sexual pleasure. They do not replace the real feelings of the partner.
    Sex is always a routine, and inevitably it gets boring. Nowadays we have evolved from having sex with the lights off to having sex with the lights on, and it’s often the girls who can’t let go. Many men imitate the scenes in love action movies, violently stimulating girls, they think so that girls will feel, in fact, for erotic products we can not just imitate, seek to fit their own products is the most critical.
    China is a big manufacturing country for erotic products, 70% of the world’s finished products are made in China. And manufacturers are more foreign trade orders, the product is also exported abroad, the size of the designer to determine the use are also designed according to foreign demand, and then directly in the domestic sales. But foreigners are generally larger in size and more powerful, and Chinese people are not used to that kind of excitement. So if you are shopping, don’t be misled by the shape, as a thicker appliance is not always comfortable.
    There are also interesting looking gadgets, such as the wolf tooth condom, made of silicone shaped like a condom with soft spikes on the outside, which many people buy to use as a novelty or to thicken up, but the result is embarrassing and uncomfortable. The choice of product is not to blindly rely on the feeling, but to choose the practicality of the choice, and try more, so that you will know what is more suitable for you.

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