From being too shy to talk about it, to paying for it, why are erotic products becoming more popular?

Once upon a time, couples walking down the street were not allowed to cross the line and had to hold their hands about 20 centimetres apart, in an age when even holding hands was a shy and blushing affair. If anyone dares to mention the word sex in an open and honest way, they will be accused of being immodest.

But in fact, this is the most primitive nature of human beings, but repeatedly stifled, it seems that as long as the word related, is a taboo, even if they have doubts, have the need, but also can not say to people. The sex industry is like a rat in the street, criticized by everyone to dare not venture, even if, it is not wrong.

With the reform and opening up, society and the economy are developing rapidly, people’s living standards have also been substantially improved, and gradually began to focus on the quality of life and personal subjective feelings, so, from being talked about to being well received, the erotic industry has captured most of the market when many people have not yet reacted, and some data show that from 2016 to 2018 China’s erotic market size are in The market size is expected to reach 130 billion yuan in 2020, making it a real “star” industry with hundreds of billions of dollars.

Why are erotic products gradually becoming accepted?
When it comes to erotic products, many people will look at them with tinted glasses, but in reality, erotic products are just an auxiliary tool, used to satisfy the sexual needs of adults.

What many people don’t know is that erotic products have a rather more serious alias: sexual health products.

Don’t think of it as marketing speak, it’s a real health product that has some effect.

They can also help menopausal and post-menopausal women to regain their confidence and reduce the physical discomfort caused by menopause, etc. Overall, they are an adult product that does more good than harm, and it is better to look at them from a loving and emotional perspective rather than rejecting them.

On the selection and use of erotic products, there are still 3 points of advice to remind everyone to understand:
1, choose regular manufacturers products

Although the mention of erotic products, many people will feel embarrassed, and even categorize it as: something difficult to get into the hall of fame, but to be honest, it is only the type of industry differences, not what illegal products, so it is recommended that when you buy, do not feel embarrassed to choose a small shop on the street, but to buy in a regular shop or brand online shop.

2, pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene

Before and after use, do a good job of personal cleanliness and hygiene. Repetitive and multiple use is not recommended to avoid cross infection.

3、Use in strict accordance with instructions

Each product has corresponding rules and ways of use, especially some emotional products need to be used with electricity, so it is recommended that you must follow the instructions to use, to avoid the danger of electricity.

Overall, using erotic products is not something to be ashamed of, as everyone has the right to choose the way they like to pleasure themselves as long as they do not harm others.

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