Have you ever used erotica (why the number of people using erotica is increasing)

When it comes to erotica, many people will avoid talking about it, fearing to avoid it. They are afraid that others will look at them through tinted glasses. So how to correctly look at the erotic products, how to correctly look at the “adult toys” industry, is a reflection of the maturity of our thinking on the topic of gender, but also the progress of our society.

Erotic products industry

Citing the “China Erotic Products Industry and Consumer Behaviour Survey Analysis Report” released by Aimedia Consulting, 34.82% of those sampled said they wanted to try erotic products, 28.13% said erotic products were pleasurable, and 27.23% maintained a neutral attitude, which means that over 90% of people do not reject erotic products.

As society progresses and men and women become more equal, people’s views on sex are changing dramatically. Sex is no longer a taboo subject, but a very beautiful thing. With the continuous improvement of spiritual and material culture, the pursuit of sex and the desire for sexual harmony has also increased, and people feel that the status of eroticism in the life of both sexes is becoming more and more important.

As the status of eroticism in the life of both sexes increases, people’s demand for a better sex life increases, the content of sexual interest is constantly enriched, and sexual interest products are constantly innovated, people feel more and more the need to use erotic products. According to Baidu’s encyclopedia, there are three main roles of erotic products: first, to improve sexual function; second, to increase the interest of sexual life; third, to meet the needs of sex in special circumstances.

Firstly, from a medical point of view, the moderate use of erotic products can improve sexual performance and have a significant effect on the treatment of sexual dysfunction. For impotence, premature ejaculation, sexually indifferent people, and those who are unable to complete their sex life because one of the spouses is ill, moderate use of erotic products can complete a good sex life. Secondly, for those who have higher demands on their sex life, the moderate use of erotic products can provide a richer, different, special, more erotic and higher quality sex life. Finally, for those in special circumstances, such as those who are unconditionally married, those who live alone for long periods of time, those with stronger sexual needs, and those who are single and healthy, a successful sex life can be accomplished through the moderate use of erotic products.

Of course, as the use of erotic products continues to increase, we should give a proper evaluation of their role. Moderate use of erotic products not only satisfies physical needs, but also fulfils spiritual pursuits. This is why more and more people are using them.

The use of erotic products will make our spiritual life and body get continuous satisfaction, will make gender life a more harmonious experience and will make people’s gender relationship get along better.

Do you use erotic products? I am sure that the number of people using erotic products will increase!

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