How do female erotic products work and what are their benefits?

Classification of female erotic products

Female erotic products are also called real dildos. In terms of variety, female erotic products are divided into simulated dildos, vibrations, jumping balls, posterior pegs, posterior pulling beads, wearing butterflies, breast clamps, etc. In terms of physical properties, there are vibrations, clamping and sucking, massaging, rocking and stretching, in terms of appearance, there are simulated dildos, erotic sticks, mini jumping balls, countless different shapes, and in terms of function, there are clitoral stingers, point stimulation, P-point stimulation, sweet tooth stingers, etc. It’s not easy to understand all these terms at once.

How to use female erotic products?

1, control the time

The time spent using erotic products is controlled. This is because if you use it for too long, it may cause harm to your body, and that would be more than worth it.

2, do not choose too tight erotic clothing

If you wear too tight erotic clothing, it can cause damage to your skin and also block blood circulation, so that your body does not get fresh oxygen. Select the right erotic lingerie for intercourse (dotted blue with dry)

3, first disinfection

When using some erotic products that touch the skin or body, remember to disinfect first. Just wipe with ordinary concentration of alcohol cotton can be used, do not use high concentration of alcohol, will cause harm to the skin or body.

4, choose the right disinfectant

Avoid high temperature disinfection of sex toys, it is best to use professional supplies disinfectant for cleaning, or use boiled and cooled warm water to clean.

5, pay attention to the use of condoms

Condoms can only be used once, not multiple times, in the use of time, to pinch the condom seal, squeeze off the air inside, or else directly put on the words, set inside the air, may not achieve the contraceptive effect. The practical guide to alternative condoms of the love aid (point blue word has dry)

6, pay attention to the frequency of auxiliary tools

To control the frequency of the use of erotic aids. May feel good at the initial stage of use, pleasure will be very obvious, but after frequent use will be easy to numb, pleasure will also subside. Affect later life.

8, the correct use of lubricants

Lubricant should not be used indiscriminately. Do not apply it indiscriminately to the breasts and lower body, which may cause allergies. If the body does lack lubrication, then you can use some appropriate, to choose the regular business out of the product. The classification of common male and female adult products is introduced (click on the blue word there is a dry)

What are the benefits of using erotic products?

Benefit one:

Treatment and improvement of sexual function;

Benefit two:

Increasing the interest in sexual life;

Benefit three:

Meeting sexual needs in special situations. In reproductive science, people with a fear of sexually transmitted diseases, people who are not in a position to marry, people who live away from home or alone for a long time, people with a strong sexual appetite, people who are not able to enjoy their sexual life, people with male impotence or female frigidity, people who are unable to have sex because one of the spouses is ill or disabled, can be stimulated to orgasm and sexual satisfaction with the help of sexual instruments.

Benefit four:

“The role of the sexual appliance should be evaluated correctly. Used correctly it can be used for self-entertainment, self-pleasure and self-healing.” Experts point out that when people are unable to complete sexual intercourse properly because of psychological or physical problems, they should not avoid this need with a negative, do-nothing attitude, but should use the help of body parts other than the genitals, drugs or sexual paraphernalia to complete sexual activities.

With the development of society, people’s demand for sex is getting higher and higher. In order to pursue the ultimate sex, to get more pleasure and more joy in sex, people have invented a lot of erotic goods that can improve the quality of sex, they inject vitality into the couple’s sex life, enhance the freshness and make the couple’s sex life more beautiful and happy.

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