Married couples, why do you need to use erotic products?

Hey! Good evening, how’s everyone doing these days?

I’m a bit ashamed to say that I’ve been having a lot of fights with my boyfriend lately and it’s been a real headache! But as the saying goes, couples make up in bed, and we all know how to make up.

Nowadays, it seems that “sex” has become less shy, and we can discuss “sexual fetishes” and “sexual feelings” with unfamiliar people on the internet and in the workplace. We can discuss “sexual fetishes”, “sexual feelings” and everything else with unfamiliar people online and in the workplace.

But one thing is strange, we can talk about it with others, but when your partner pulls out a sex toy and says he wants to try it with you, you are still panicked, scared, shy and sometimes even afraid to make your real voice heard in bed.

In my opinion, sex and love are inseparable and sex is a very important component of intimacy.

In the depths of love, the collision of flesh and soul, you will feel connected to your lover’s heart, and the pleasure of blending can really repair the cracks in your relationship caused by conflicts in real life.

Erotic toys, but also between the couple’s life can be used to help the side of the elixir. But many married couples avoid them, why is that?

| About Women

When it comes to sex, many women say they don’t want to use sex toys to enhance their mutual doi feelings, and some are reluctant to even talk about it between partners.

Some authoritative journals have calculated that around 70% of women have never felt an orgasm, but 90% of women choose to ignore it, and that feeling safe in a relationship is more important to them than sexual satisfaction.

Is this really the case? Not really. In addition to women’s natural shyness when it comes to ‘sex’, there is also the oppression of women in older societies, the deep-rooted ideas that have kept us from bravely pursuing ‘sex’ until now. After all, we were taught from an early age that women who enjoy the pursuit of sex are slutty and shameful.

The topic of “appearance anxiety”, which has been a hot topic for some time, is also dominated by women. The aesthetic trend of “white, young and thin” has caused me to feel anxious about my appearance, not feeling confident about my body, not accepting it as imperfect and not daring to show it in front of my partner.

Many women, like me, have a deep-seated “slut shame” about themselves, believing that it is shameful to pursue sex, to use erotic objects, to show their desires, and that it is not acceptable to show that unbridled desire in front of a partner.

Men can pick up Durex and Okamoto in the supermarket without blushing, but girls can’t, seemingly for face-saving reasons, but actually because of the social stigma attached to girls.

Boys can brag about the number of times they have changed partners in front of their buddies without any inhibitions, and are even labelled as “winners in life”; if a girl takes the initiative and expresses her desire, it is a means of transport without coins, and is even labelled as “unethical”.

We should overcome this prejudice and at least be brave enough to express our physical and psychological needs to our partners, instead of keeping our grievances to ourselves and becoming a thorn in the side of our throats.

| About men

When I was a child, my first impression of sex was dirty and straightforward, mainly influenced by the red-on-white adult shops on the side of the road, where the dim pink lights were so evocative that I dared to glance inside when I passed by alone.

The men were much more generous. There seems to be a mysterious circle of boys who are naturally exposed to all sorts of island action films and magazines as soon as they are old enough, and are not shy about talking to their peers about sexual matters such as their naive first time.

But what if their partner asks them to use erotic objects during sex? Some guys may feel provoked. But most guys don’t see this as a sign of their lack of sexual ability or sexual disharmony. They are not afraid to talk about sex and prefer to make themselves more sexually satisfied.

So why is it that middle-aged couples are prone to sexual indifference and even a sexless marriage? It may have to do with the lack of variation in sex life and the fact that sex is so formulaic that both partners become tired and bored with it.

Men have very simple ideas about sex, and sexual satisfaction is important to men who, like children who want sugar, always want more sugar and fresh ways to eat it.

The form of sexual positions is already a matter of primary importance, and various forms of sex with the help of erotic objects are something that men are quite willing to embrace.

If a partner is unable to satisfy his or her physical needs, it is better to use erotic products than to have a one-night stand outside, or cheat on your partner, and be more morally responsible.

| About Erotic Products

What should you do if your lover asks you to use sex toys? Do you shy away and reluctantly try it with him with persuasion, or do you break down in horror and think he is a pervert and immodest?

For us girls, if you don’t know what your body wants and likes, then there’s no way you can guide him. That’s why erotic toys are so important, an intimate way to explore our bodies.

According to research reports, erotic toys are not just a ‘masturbation product’ for singles, nearly 80% of consumers online are married. Women are gradually releasing their erotic needs and are no longer shy about talking about ‘love’ and are willing to add some fun to their lives and those of their partners.

So don’t be shy, let erotic toys be the spark that ignites your lust, and let’s be very open and positive about our desires and open up every sense of our bodies.

If you really can’t accept your partner’s sexual ‘oddities’ and have strong feelings of rejection, respect each other’s feelings, state your boundaries politely and clearly, and then discuss acceptable modifications.

After all, a toy is just a flirtation tool. Using it with someone you love is the icing on the cake, but don’t think it will bring a relationship that has run its course back to life.

Love without a genuine commitment is more of a mechanical outlet.

Problems in a marriage cannot be solved by a successful sex life alone, but physical intimacy can iron out the grievances and accusations in a marriage, and good interactive sex can eliminate unnecessary strife.

Go explore and enjoy your bodies with the person you love! Rather than being something to be ashamed of, it is one of the most dignified and honourable things you can do.

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