Men use “adult products” for 3 important purposes that women must understand

The ”Blessing” for single men

When a man is alone and uses these instruments, the

he does not hurt his beloved one because, when he is confronted with a toy doll, the

There is no emotional element and he does not ask for a divorce from his wife or break up with his lover for using the doll.

Boosting a man’s confidence

Drugs and time-delaying products can be a huge boost to a man’s virility and

They increase a man’s confidence in his role as a man.

It allows you to have fun without having to stop suddenly and to regain your style in front of your loved ones.

Avoid the embarrassment of not being able to do what you want to do. In fact, if a man is very confident in his sexuality

The most important thing is that you can be sure that you are going to be able to get the most out of your life.

From a social point of view, this is conducive to social stability and continuous development.

Stabilising marital and family relationships

Harmonising the life of a couple enhances their relationship and strengthens family ties.

Many divorcees have a high percentage of disharmony and unhappiness in their marital life.

However, as traditional Chinese people, it is generally not possible for people to state directly: divorce is due to this reason.

However, it is an insidious, long-term, internal cause that subconsciously affects the relationship.

The use of lubrication, feminine aphrodisiacs and shared devices in the couple’s life will regulate this.

As foreplay, it will regulate the disharmony in the couple’s life and

This will improve the couple’s lack of synchronicity and allow them to experience the pleasure of shared love.

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