Survey: Why women in their 40s love erotica the most

Women in their 40s love erotic products the most

  A recent foreign survey has been conducted specifically around women’s use of erotic products. The survey showed that women over 40 are the most interested in sexual erotic products and are the most motivated to buy them. Erotic lingerie that women used to be afraid to wear is now a sought-after item and is greatly sought-after.

  It is well known that erotic products can be used when people have deficiencies in their own sexual function, and also when they do not have a partner. For people who have difficulty finding a spouse, are widowed or divorced, or are celibate, etc., erotic products may be a better option to solve problems in the absence of a partner and lack of a normal life.

  In addition to this, erotic products can also be used as an aid between normal couples. Some people see erotic objects as abnormal, perverted and unhealthy, which is an incorrect view or prejudice. This is because if people can use glasses and hearing aids to solve their lack of vision and hearing function, why can’t they use erotic products to solve the problems they face in their married life?

  Of course, erotic products are not a panacea, they cannot replace the emotional commitment and psychological needs of people, so it is still important to build a happy marriage and a harmonious couple life.

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