The place of female masturbators in sex toys and tips for using them

With the popularity of post-90s goddesses coming out and post-70s erotic sisters, more people know what sex toys are, and why are the ones endorsing these types of adult sex toys all women? We all know that female masturbators (also known as female sex toys) are just one of many products in erotic sex toys, does it mean that female masturbators have a higher status in sex toys?

According to surveys, women use more masturbation devices than their male counterparts, and women get more benefits from using female masturbators than men. As the acceptance of these products is slowly increasing, the number of sexual health shops in the streets is also increasing.

N benefits of using masturbators for women

  1. Female masturbators can all easily reach a length of 13.5cm or more;

2、The female masturbator will not go soft no matter how much you put it in;

3, female masturbators do not care if it is the first day of the month

  1. You don’t need to run to the pharmacy to use the female masturbator;
  2. You can just throw the female masturbator aside when you don’t want to;
  3. you can buy a female masturbator no matter how old you are
  4. female masturbators never ask: “How’s it going?” “Am I doing okay?” “Did you come?”
  5. Female masturbators can be changed at any time to suit your pleasure. The masturbator can be replaced as often as you like, making it more functional and better made instead of obsolete.

The prejudice of mainstream society is that masturbation is merely a supplement to sexual intercourse. Here it is first affirmed that masturbation has value as an independent act. It should also be made clear that masturbation by women is not without its benefits for men as well.

A questionnaire survey carried out by psychological counselling showed that women are more likely to be able to accept sexual masturbation from men, while men often have difficulty accepting it from women. Men are far more likely than women to admit masturbation to their sexual partners and to masturbate in front of them.

The reasons for this are, firstly, that social gender roles have instilled the idea that men are sexually active and women are sexually weak, and that masturbation is easier for men to understand than for women; secondly, that the mainstream culture views sex as something untoward, and that sexual masturbation is a sexual fringe behaviour that contradicts the image of a ‘lady’; thirdly, that women masturbating Thirdly, women masturbating undermines men’s sexual confidence and makes them blame themselves for failing to satisfy women. Perhaps more importantly, we still live in an atmosphere where the influence of patriarchal culture runs deep, and the underlying psychological reason for resistance to sexual masturbation is a private desire for the sexuality of a sexual partner. Masturbation by women can make selfish men feel that their sexual rights are being violated.

Why use a masturbator

Both men and women, upon reaching puberty, experience an increase in hormones due to the physiological changes in their bodies, resulting in sexual urges and desire. They are full of longing, curiosity and fantasy about sexual matters. Masturbation may be learned on the odd occasion, or while talking to others. Masturbation is common in ancient and modern times. Surveys have shown that the proportion of women masturbating is almost close to that of men, and female masturbators have come into being. It should be noted that the female urethra is shorter, so women are more prone to urethral diseases than men. If you don’t practice good personal hygiene, if your underwear is not clean, if you masturbate with unclean hands, etc., you are prone to diseases. So this is when using a masturbator will reduce the incidence of disease.

The female masturbator is also called a simulated dildo. Many women do not have any idea about the brand and product classification of female masturbators, they just know that it is okay to buy a simulated dildo, in fact, female masturbators are more fancy and functional than male devices. The actual fact is that you can find a number of different types of masturbation devices, such as the mock dildo, the vibrator, the jumping egg, the posterior peg, the posterior pull bead, the oral sex device, the wearing butterfly, the breast clip and so on. In terms of function, there is clitoral stimulation, G-spot stimulation, P-spot stimulation, nipple stimulation, oral stimulation, sweet stimulation and so on.

How a woman should choose the right masturbator for herself

  1. What kind of orgasm do you prefer? Do you find the clitoris more stimulating or the vagina more orgasmic?
  2. Do you know your own physiology? This will help you to have criteria for choosing the size of the device or the frequency of the vibrations of the dildo.
  3. Do you use female devices regularly? If so, then choose something new and stylish. If you have no previous experience, then start with a relatively simple vibrator or dildo, which are usually simple, easy to use and suitable for most women.
  4. Do you know the brands and quality standards of adult products? We know that adult products are intimate personal items, the product material requirements are very high, genuine brands are generally made of medical silicone rubber, non-toxic and tasteless, will not cause damage to the human body, if you do not know these, then try to choose the regular, large adult products mall to buy, the quality is guaranteed.

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