What are the common sexual pleasures

Are you still shy when it comes to entering the ‘erotic industry’? In fact, erotic products can help to improve the sexual disharmony of couples. Instead of talking about sex, we should look at it from the perspective of love and affection.

What are erotic products?
The main effect of erotic products is to help improve the quality of sex life. Modern people are more and more open to sex, and the pursuit of quality in sex life is also higher and higher. The reasonable use of adult erotic products can not only make sex life better, but also enhance the emotions of couples.

Why should couples use erotic toys?
Sex toys are the best way to break the mould of traditional intercourse and add passion and fun. Sexuality and pleasure are all about fun, and erotic toys are a great way to achieve this goal and make our sex life more enjoyable.

What are the most common sex toys?
Erotic products can be divided into two broad categories, one to satisfy desire and one to enhance desire. Desire-satisfying products include: simulators, vibrators, vibrators, etc. Desire-enhancing products include: erotic lingerie, leggings, erotic perfumes, potions to stimulate sensitive areas, etc. Among the more common types of desire-satisfying products are


This type of erotic product is suitable for women with low sexual arousal or post-menopausal women. It lubricates the vagina and reduces discomfort and even pain during intercourse. It is also suitable for women who are sexually inexperienced or too nervous to become fully sexually aroused, as it allows women to easily get used to and adapt to penile penetration. Many lubricants also have a feminine stimulating component, making them a specialised product with an erotic bias.


The vibrator is definitely one of the most photographed and popular erotic toys. Its use is mainly for arousing women during foreplay. As women are slow to get aroused, they need more foreplay to get them into the mood. The vibrator is unbeatable in this respect.

The powerful vibrations, the smooth and delicate touch, whatever the part, will make her feel great. And there are special models in the vibrator family that have been developed to target a woman’s sensitive spots. They are designed to stimulate a woman’s sensitive points and increase her chances of having an orgasm. Not only does it make women happy, but it also saves men a lot of effort!

Vibrating rings

Men are most afraid that they will not be able to fight enough during intercourse and that they will give up within a few minutes. Therefore, many people are eager to have some kind of magic pill to save them. The so-called aphrodisiacs and aphrodisiacs on the market are all very unreliable and not only ineffective, they also affect health. To solve this problem, the vibrating ring has been introduced.

The vibrating ring is a ring that vibrates and is firmly attached to the body to delay ejaculation and prolong erections. Turning on the vibrations also allows men and women to “bump” into each other and feel the sensation of superb vibrations, which is quite exciting!

Erotic Condoms

The Erotic Condom is much simpler than the two toys above, and is simply an improved and innovative version of the regular condom. Although the changes are very subtle, the feeling is very different!

The Supreme Ultra Thin condom is much thinner than ordinary condoms, solving the problem of condoms affecting the pleasure of intercourse; the Bump Thread condom increases the pleasure of intercourse in motion, allowing women to enjoy fuller stimulation; the Fruit Flavour condom becomes very cute and fragrant, which is good for kissing! Which one to use depends on personal preference!

Erotic lingerie

It allows visual stimulation and sex to combine a product, is a product of human material life to improve, to meet the spiritual needs of the product. Domestic erotic lingerie is more accurately called erotic clothing, a product between Huirun lingerie and clothing. As with many adult products, erotic lingerie is already a very common product in Europe and the United States, but in the country erotic lingerie has only been gradually accepted by the public in the last two years. It is foreseeable that with the improvement of domestic material life, erotic lingerie will gradually come to the common people. Erotic lingerie is a derivative of lingerie and is different from conventional lingerie in that it tends to be “sexy” and forms a visual stimulus to achieve physiological stimulation of the senses.

Is the use of sexual erotic products harmful?
The correct and appropriate use of adult products can help to improve the quality of sexual life and add a great deal of pleasure to it, as well as having a positive effect on health. In addition, sex toys can be a therapeutic tool for couples with sexual dysfunctions. The use of adult products can reduce sexual activity outside of marriage and contribute to family harmony and stability.

Therefore, the correct use of female erotic products is beneficial to physical and mental health. As long as sexual adult products can indeed contribute to the realisation of human sexual physiological functions, help overcome the various sexual disturbances people face, help improve the quality of sexual life, and are safe and reliable, they can be considered normal, positive and beneficial. It does not in itself involve moral, ethical or legal issues.

What should I pay attention to when using sex toys?

Be careful when choosing products

When shopping for erotic products, it is important not to overlook the importance of the materials used, as this could result in breakage, snagging or dropping in the vagina, which would be a real loss. For example, penis rings with feathers or small beads can easily dislodge them in the vagina when the penis is being pumped, and using the ring for too long can lead to cell necrosis. In addition, poorly made vibrators or penis sleeves (especially the bulbous ones) are also prone to breakage or dislodgement, so it’s important to consider what you’re looking for so that you don’t end up with a botched job.

Safety and hygiene first

To ensure the quality and specifications of the erotic products, choose the couple’s products that have passed the test, which is necessary to prevent injury, the current quality of our erotic products market does not ensure the quality of the product, pay special attention to product quality when buying. In addition, erotic products can be used repeatedly many times, after the use of sex should pay attention to clean disinfection for later use, to prevent infection caused by uncleanliness.

If you prefer to use erotic condoms, you should first consider whether you are allergic to the substances on the condom; then consider whether the condom is suitable for you and whether it will break during the sexual exercise, if you use the ultra-thin type, and your own action is very intense, it is recommended to wear a double layer; if you use the double slip series, it is recommended to match the shock ring to prevent the condom from falling off.

Cleanliness and hygiene

As most erotic products come into direct contact with the sexual organ, extra care needs to be taken when it comes to the cleanliness of erotic products. If you don’t use and throw away erotic products, you should clean them after each use, and it is best to use artificial penises for masturbation with condoms. In addition, the popular inflatable dolls should not be shared by many people just because they are expensive, because if germs get on them and lead to more serious STDs, it will be more than worth it! This is why the code of conduct for the use of erotic products is an issue that we should all take very seriously.

Emotional communication is essential

Erotic products can only be used as an aid, not as a substitute for emotional communication between the two parties, nor should they be used for long periods of time, let alone as a necessary means of improving your sex life. It is important to know that sex without an emotional basis not only does not improve the quality of sex, but also leads to a reduction in emotional communication between the two sides, weakening or even separation, causing each other’s resentment or disgust, making sexual disharmony or sexual dysfunction even worse.

Only if you want to use it together

The two sides need to negotiate whether to use couple’s products during sex, what kind of erotic products to use, when to use, how often to use, etc., and not to make their own decisions, only under the premise of mutual agreement can be used. If both parties agree to use adult products, but the other party feels uncomfortable in the process of using them, they should stop using them to avoid causing harm to their lover’s body.

Not for common use

If you have a normal sex life, do not use adult products for a long time, only occasionally to improve the sexual novelty and improve the quality of sex life, but often use, it is easy to lead to a decrease in sensitivity of the pubic area, serious will lead to ordinary sexual intercourse can not meet the sexual desire.

When using sexual erotic products, it is recommended to use condoms, not for long term use, but better for occasional use. They should only be used as an aid. Normal sex life is still the main thing.

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