What are the roles of sex toys?

Watching sex shops spring up is a good indication that there is a considerable market demand for such items. Nowadays, the use of sex toys for therapeutic purposes or for physiological and psychological satisfaction has gradually been accepted by the public. According to Li Jihong, director of the Guangdong Sexuality Society, 40% to 50% of the adult products market in Guangdong is dominated by condoms, and adult toys (simulation-type male and female appliances) are not yet very common, with an annual growth rate of 10%. How to correctly look at adult products and the resulting series of changes in sexual attitudes, are topics worthy of attention. Li Jihong said that the range of adult products is very wide, there are a series of products such as erotic clothing, masturbation apparatus, lubricants, aphrodisiacs, condoms and so on. Aphrodisiacs are mainly recommended for couples and couples to improve their sex life, and are especially suitable for use in cases such as female sexual indifference and lack of orgasm. As most of the ingredients of this product contain hormones and psycho-paralyzing drugs that can cause abnormal sexual excitement and hallucinations, long-term use or overuse can have a great impact on the body. Pregnant women, people with high blood pressure or heart disease should not use these products. Food and sex are also sex. This saying speaks to two of life’s greatest needs. Sexual products are a boon to people with disabilities, as many of them are unable to lead a normal sexual life and their physical needs are not diminished in any way despite their physical disabilities. There was a campaign to give away adult products to people with disabilities, and the organisers were worried that women wouldn’t be able to accept the products, but someone offered to switch to simulated sex products. Li Jihong believes that adult products play an important role in meeting the practical needs of specific groups of people. For various reasons not married, especially the disabled group, can be used to meet the physiological needs; celibacy, widowed can use sex toys to eliminate sexual tension, sexual satisfaction; long-term sailors, long-term celibate miners, long-term field work geologists, etc., because often in the separation of the situation, both spouses may have the need for sex toys. In addition, sex toys can be a therapeutic tool for couples with sexual dysfunctions. The use of adult products can reduce extramarital sex and contribute to family harmony and stability. As the use of such products are part of one’s private life, it is important to pay attention to good cleaning when using them, and to collect them well after use, after all, no one wants their privacy to be exposed. When faced with such questions from children, I am afraid that many parents do not know how to answer them. This is why it is important to give parents a refresher course on how to educate their children about sex.

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