What do erotic products do? More than just erotic

Erotic appliances, as the name suggests, is to add interest, but its role is not only to add interest, the following I will share with you a variety of roles of erotic goods, below a look at it.

The use of erotic products will make sex life more perfect now, and will also make the relationship between the couple more harmonious.

The two main classifications of adult products

  There are two main categories of adult products: one is the “practical” category. These include vibrators, body massagers, male masturbators, locking rings, goat’s eye rings, lubricants, functional condoms, and vaginal gels. …… is a “hands-on” sexual condiment. These items have a direct effect of increasing eroticism and stimulation and may become a necessity for some people who are in desperate need of a ‘wake-up call’.

  Another category is the visuals. Suitable for the “heavy”, S (Sadism), M (Masochism), SM products are, as the name suggests, props used in sexually abusive situations. These props include leather underwear, imitation leather whips, handcuffs, cryogenic candles, nipple clasps, etc. They are visual SM props that are realistic in appearance but not very powerful.

The role of adult products is mainly three:

  First, treatment to improve sexual function; second, to increase the interest of sexual life; third, to meet the sexual needs of special circumstances. In reproduction, people who are afraid of sexually transmitted diseases, people who are unconditionally married, people who live away from home or alone for a long time, people who have a strong sexual desire, people who fail to enjoy their sexual life as a couple, men who are impotent and women who are sexually frigid, people who are unable to have sex because one of the spouses is sick or disabled, can be stimulated to reach orgasm and obtain sexual satisfaction with the help of sexual appliances.

  The role of the sexual apparatus should be evaluated correctly. When used correctly, it can be used for self-entertainment, self-pleasure and self-healing. When people are unable to complete sexual intercourse properly because of psychological or physical problems, they should not avoid this need with a negative, inactive attitude, but should use the help of body parts other than the genitals, drugs or sexual appliances to complete sexual activity.

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