What kind of people do you think need to buy adult products?

There is no rule that only those who need it can buy adult products, as long as you want to need it, you can buy adult products. The first category: young people who have no sexual experience because they have not experienced sex, curious about sex, because there are many varieties and patterns, many of which they have not seen, and many goods seem to be more able to arouse the desire, which is what prompted them to use adult equipment to experience this feeling the second category: the use of adult products, people who work in the field for a long time, sexual partners are not around, and do not want to The people who have casual relationships with the opposite sex are also a group of adult products; seafarers who sail for a long time, miners who are celibate for a long time, geologists who work in the field for a long time and so on, because they are often in a state of separation, both spouses may have the need for sex toys, so sex toys can also play a key role in reconciling the third category: people whose sex life is not new, many people think that couples will not use These things, in fact, adult products can improve the sexual pleasure between couples, for example: aids, supplies and so on. The purchaser who thought he was around 40 years old said, “Married for a long time, the couple’s life is not interesting, want to use this can bring freshness to the couple, but also help to increase the couple’s feelings, will not make the sense of sexual life feel dull.” The fourth category: the use of adult products, sexual desire is not harmonious people due to the differences in the physiological structure of men and women, in the sex life of the male soon finished, and the female party has not reached orgasm, the female party can use adult products to assist in reaching orgasm to make up for the unpleasantness caused by the male party; there is another situation is that the male party has a strong libido, and the female party is more sexually indifferent, so the male party can also use sex toys masturbation apparatus to There are also women who take the initiative to buy these products for their boyfriends, and the fifth category: elderly couples, with the increase in age, the decline in sexual function is inevitable, but it does not mean that the elderly do not have sex, the body into old age but the sexual function still exists, so do not ignore the elderly also have sexual needs, many 70 to 80-year-old men can still make their young wives pregnant, and elderly women Many elderly men in their 70s and 80s can still impregnate their young wives, and elderly women can still have sex, even though they have lost their reproductive function. Although they are physically disabled, but the physiological needs are not the slightest bit weakened, can be used to meet their own physiological needs with the help of adult products simulation apparatus Most people will feel embarrassed and embarrassed when buying erotic products, in fact, it is not necessary, this is only to meet their own physiological needs, life experience, not illegal, not illegal, should be treated as a normal consumer goods erotic products. It can be used in the love life of men and women, so that it can bring a better experience to the usual couple’s life, promote the couple’s feelings, and also regulate family conflicts.

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