Why are erotic products becoming more and more popular in the adult world?

First of all, let me ask you a question: do you reject adult erotica?

Here’s a statistic that may not be quite what you think:

Over 90% of people do not reject erotic products.

Last year, Ai Media Consulting released the “2020 China Erotic Products Industry and Consumer Behaviour Survey Analysis Report”, which showed that

34.82% of respondents said they wanted to try erotic products, 28.13% thought they were pleasurable, 27.23% were neutral about them, and just under 10% of respondents were repulsed.

This shows that as society develops and people’s attitudes change, erotic products are gradually becoming a product of the sun, or at least not a rejection.

So, apart from the development of society and our changing attitudes, what else is driving people’s willingness to embrace erotic products?

I think the core reason is due to the social imagination.

In the adult world, the more society progresses, the more stressful life seems to become, and the more people panic just for the sake of a few coins, which is what cures all the panic in the world.

Everyone is busy surviving, busy earning money, dragging their tired bodies on the way home every day, the night is already over, the street lights are yellowing, hurrying to take a shower and go to bed, and tomorrow it’s back to the drawing board, there is no time or mood to think about the good things in life.

For example, the beauty of the sexes.

Married people are even more so, there are old people on top and young people underneath, and every day they wake up surrounded by people who have to rely on them, and every day in the life of a couple is filled with firewood, oil, salt, soy, vinegar and tea.

With the increasing pressure of life and the passion for each other fading, life tends to be dull, and the couple’s sex life is even more exempt, we can not raise too high interest.

The adult sex toys can make up for this lack of interest, because the sex toys themselves are designed to bring us all pleasure, allowing us to find the long-lost passion and play the role of lubricant in the life of the couple.

And many erotic products also have an exercise function. For men who are older and have more than enough heart, sometimes they do need a bit of eroticism to help them out. If it allows both partners to gain physical and mental pleasure and adds a little sweetness to married life, then why don’t we try it?

This is also true for singles.

Many guys are in their thirties without a girlfriend because of the imbalance between men and women, and there is always a need for that from time to time, so there is nothing wrong with that, is there? And for these people, erotic products are sometimes the ‘girlfriend’ to solve their needs.

So these are the reasons why erotic products are becoming more and more popular!

And now the erotic products are not the same as before, both from the function and appearance design are more in line with the contemporary aesthetics and needs, and the previous simple brutal simulation is very different, which also changed people’s views on erotic products.

The leading domestic erotic products [night cherry] in this regard is doing a very good job, deep excavation of the needs of contemporary people, in function and design is a very big effort, not only to meet the physical needs of users, but also pay attention to their spiritual aspirations, in the market has a reputation, in 2020 in the erotic products list also won the kui.

The world of adults is in need of some eroticism to spice things up, otherwise life is so hard and marriage is so bland, how to add some sweetness to it?

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