Why do more and more young people prefer to use adult toys?

From the perspective of the product, the reason why erotic products can be so attractive to young consumers to buy, can be interpreted from three aspects: product rich multi-category, ideological changes and purchase channels rich, etc.. Firstly, the variety of erotic products is vast erotic products have gradually developed from the initial family planning products to a variety of erotic adult products, increasing the variety and rich functionality; especially in recent years, the market has seen the emergence of many multi-functional sex toys, but also many young consumers are excited to try to buy. Secondly, the concept of consumption of erotic products has changed, the era of “talking about sex” has passed and the concept of consumption drives consumers’ purchasing behaviour, so does the consumption of erotic products. People’s perceptions of erotic products have changed significantly, with an open, optimistic and positive attitude. According to professional market research, as many as 34.82% of respondents said they wanted to try sex toys and even 28.13% found them pleasurable, while another 27.23% were neutral about sex toys and just under 10% of users had a rejectionist attitude. The majority of respondents have a relatively objective and positive view of sex products, indicating that in the Internet era, adults are relatively open-minded about gender, especially young people. Thirdly, the variety of shopping channels for entertainment products, especially the popularity of electronic network channels, has made it more convenient for customers to purchase In the era without Internet electronics, people could only fixate on buying such private products offline. However, with the rise of the Internet, electronic channels not only have more product choices and more convenient channels, but also protect the privacy of customers. After years of development, the online sales model for erotic products has become very mature. Especially in recent years, the rise of the internet has further boosted the consumption of erotic products.

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