Why have women become the main buyers of adult products?

Firstly, a change in women’s thinking

Although traditional thinking is deeply rooted, society has been evolving and social thinking has been progressing, and what was once a taboo subject is now not so subtle.

In addition, the status of women has increased, and women are no longer shy about sex, and are beginning to see it properly, no longer as a dirty thing, but as a normal biological need like eating.

Secondly, the increase in the number of single women

The increase in the number of single women has also led to a greater demand for ‘adult products’. Women are now becoming more and more independent, from being housewives who marry chickens and follow dogs to being the matriarch of the family or the pillar of the household. Some women are even better than men in the workplace and have become deservedly strong women in their lives.

Women no longer have to marry a good husband in order to support themselves, as they used to do, and they have the ability to live on their own.

But at the same time, with the development of society, the pressure of life is also starting to become greater and greater, such as the pressure of buying a house and a car after falling in love, the pressure of raising children, and the various expenses of a relationship, all of which discourage these single women.

The actual fact is that a lot of women are under huge pressure and have an idea that it is better to be single than to be in a relationship, as they can support themselves alone, so why should one more person increase the pressure?

Although the single life is more comfortable, but the physiological needs can not be avoided, so there is the purchase of “adult products” behavior.

The third point is that the pressure of life is so great that women have become one of the main earners.

Of course the mindset of single women has changed, but the mindset of married women has also not solidified, as family planning has led to many families now having one son or one daughter.

This is what makes the pressure on these married children so great. Previously it was a family with many children who could provide for their parents, but now the responsibility for old age rests with their only son or daughter and their daughter-in-law, or son-in-law.

This has led to a situation where two people are supporting three families and it is difficult for men alone to support all the expenses, so women have become one of the main earners.

They enter the workplace and use their talents, and as women become working people, they start to be as busy as men, and couples are seriously separated from each other because of work.

It is not surprising that in order to satisfy their sexual well-being, they buy adult products. Even couples who are together every day, under great pressure, become unwilling to have children and end up choosing to use birth control products to reduce the incidence of unwanted pregnancies.

Point four, women’s increased awareness of their own protection

In previous societies, there was little awareness of ‘sex’ related diseases and very little social knowledge was disseminated, with women being the main victims.

“Unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, cervical cancer, etc., were all the scourges of women’s health at the time.

Nowadays, however, women have become more aware of these diseases, and they want to protect themselves, so they have become more active in the use of “adult products”.

There is also the reason for suitability

To increase the pleasure of sex, many partners buy adult products to increase their happiness during sex.

However, most of the adult products are used by women, so it is not uncommon for men to buy them in the wrong size, and it is not uncommon for women to buy them to make their sex life more comfortable.

So it’s easy to see why they are the main purchasers of ‘adult products’.

The final point is the escalation in privacy protection

From buying health products at a male urology department in a hospital, to buying ‘adult products’ from a small physical storefront on the street, all of these purchases had to be done in person, and privacy was not well protected, especially for women, who were afraid to buy them for fear of being discovered.

But now there are online sales channels for “adult products”, and businesses are aware of the concerns of users, so they have all put out the banner of privacy protection, and when sending out the courier, the name of the product purchased will not appear directly on the box or the courier slip, which also avoids the embarrassment of being discovered and makes people feel more comfortable about buying It becomes more reassuring and reassuring.

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